Introducing The Produce Moms Easy-Baker Potatoes from Wada Farms

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The Produce Moms mission has always been to help you feed your family more fresh produce. Now, our partnership with Wada Farms has enabled us to fulfill that mission better than ever! We’re thrilled to introduce Easy-Baker Potatoes, delicious, microwavable potatoes featuring dynamic digital content from The Produce Moms.

Baked Potatoes Have Never Been Easier

From delicious, accessible recipes to selection and storage instructions, we want to make it easier than ever for you to find the perfect fruits and veggies to add to your meals. Easy-Baker Potatoes do just that: pop one in the microwave and you’ll have a fluffy baked potato in just minutes!

Deliciously fluffy!

These flavorful spuds are grown in rich Idaho soil. When you pick up The Produce Moms X Wada Farms Easy-Baker Potatoes at your local grocery store, they’ve been triple-washed and are ready to eat. If you’re short on time but not on standards, these quality potatoes are exactly what you’re looking for.

To make Easy-Baker Potatoes, simply put them in the microwave – that’s it! Each potato is individually sealed in microwave-ready plastic, which ensures that it cooks through for an irresistibly fluffy texture. Cook your potato on high for 6 to 8 minutes, then remove and peel off the plastic wrap. Be careful, the potato will be hot. Now you’re ready to serve it alongside your family’s favorite baked potato toppings!

Simple to prepare in your microwave

Memorable Meals with Easy-Baker Potatoes

Want to make some Easy-Baker Potatoes for your next dinner? Just look for The Produce Moms label in your local grocery store! Our co-branded label also includes a QR code that gives you access to a unique digital content fully focused on potatoes. Scan it, and we’ll show you some creative ways to enjoy your baked potatoes.

We'll show you creative ways to serve them!

We had the privilege to partner with Wada Farms to bring you these incredible potatoes, and we wouldn’t choose any other tubers! Wada Farms has been sprouting spuds since 1943 and is one of America’s largest suppliers of fresh potatoes, sweet potatoes, and onions. Decades of experience and responsible, sustainable growing practices help them bring the tastiest potatoes to market.

Look for them in your local grocery store!

How will you enjoy your Easy-Baker Potatoes? Do you have a favorite topping for your baked potatoes or a dish you love to serve them with? Tell us about it in the comments below and look for Wada Farms Easy-Baker Potatoes in Wal-Mart and other grocery stores near you!

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  1. What is this sorcery!?!? Even I can’t seem to screw these up…they come out perfect every time! These are considered sacred now. I hide them with the cookies and candy stash and eat them after everyone goes to bed. No shame either! They’re so good!

  2. I love doing these potatoes in microwave.. but my microwave went down. Can I cook them in my oven? and how?

    1. You sure can! Just make sure you remove the wrap before you cook in oven! The Easy Bakers are triple washed and ready to cook! The wrap is microwave safe, but must be removed for any other cooking method. We’ve had fans share oven, air fryer, and campfire pics with us! Let us know how you prepare them and THANK YOU for your support!